Renea Bailey

The preach the truth & are not scared to do so. The people are real & down to earth. You can FEEL God moving in this church.

We  reach for the people no one wants & turn them into people everyone wants!

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    Welcome Home

    Welcome Home

    Christ's Church is the place for you to belong, get involved, and make some real friends!  We are a community of believers who love and support one another.  You don't have to be perfect to be here!  We are all working to take on the habits of Christ's Church, and that means so much more than just being a church on 2nd Avenue.  We, as believers today, are the church that Christ built.  We belong to Him, and because we are the latest generation of New Testament disciples, it is our desire to have the same habits that His church had in the book of Acts.  Come join us, and together we can make Devotion, Friendship, and Giving part of our everyday lives as we grow in Christ together.  

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    I love this! It is very informative and useful!

Renea Bailey

Renea Bailey

I am married to Mike Bailey who is from Greenwood, MS. We have been married for 21 years. We have no children. We serve our Lord at Christ's Church on 2nd Ave in Laurel, MS & have been there for 11 years. It is a wonderful church with great people!!!