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I once believed that I was called to be a missionary, and even went to Guyanna and Brazil with a missionary.  That is where I met my beautiful wife, but thats another story.  I was hungry to see practical, real, concrete, life changing Christianity that made a difference and I had not seen that in the local churches I had attended, so I though I must be called to missions instead of the local church.  I thank God that I found just that sort of ministry at Christ's Church and that is why I support this ministry!  Lets get real together as a people and change our city, county and state through the Kingdom of God!

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    Test of Sound Cloud

    Find out you can out grow the chains the enemy wants to place on you!

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    Give Online

    Click here to Schedule your giving once with a direct debit form!                 Never worry again!

    Scheduling your giving with the direct debit authorization form from the link above is the most effective way to support Christ's Church!  Scheduled electronic giving adds stability to the financial planning of the church and has no transaction fees!  Other electronic giving methods charge small transaction fees that add up over time so if your giving is usually the same consider filling out this authorization form and turning it into Pastor Capers.  Once established your giving to the kingdom will continue without worry or effort on your part!  Save time, save worry and schedule your giving today!  Thank you so much for your faithfulness. 

    Give electronically with debit or credit cards through Pay Pal below!


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    Christ's Church has many Serve Teams that are absoloutely vital to the functioning and building of the vision we have been called to complete.  The Habit of Giving involves the giving of your time, talent, and treasure to build the Kingdom of God in the Earth.  Those who work in our serve teams are showing how the Habit of Giving fulfills and blesses many lives.  Fill out the form below and indicate if you would like to become a part of one of these life giving ministries.  They include Ushers, Greeters, Media, Prayer Team, Celebration Choir, Drama Ministry, Student Ministries and many others!  Write your area of interest in the comments section.   

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Jason Capers

Jason Capers

Christ's Church is an exciting & growing multi-racial church in Laurel, MS where Spirit and Truth are sweetly blended. This is a healing place! Your invited!