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+ Christ’s Church first ever yearbook is on sale now and almost half of the 60 we have ordered are taken already!  They will be full color, hardcover and 68 pages long.  More than 100 families portraits are included and lots of pictures from every ministry and the events of the last year.  They are 1st come,1st served and $40 until they arrive Oct 6th.  Only 27 yearbooks left! If any are left they will cost $47 after Oct 6th.  Don’t miss out!

+ Laurel Main Street’s Loblolly Festival will be held Saturday, Oct. 5th. There will be fun for the entire family in Downtown Laurel.  Don’t get too tired for the Pastor’s Appreciation Ball!

+ Christ’s Church of Laurel’s 2nd annual Pastor’s Appreciation Ball will be Saturday, 10/5/13 from 5 till 8 in the Turnaround!  Dinner with Toasting & Roasting will be followed by music and dancing!  Dress formal or semi-formal and come ready to celebrate! Tickets are $15 per person.  Don’t miss out!

+ Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday, 10/6/13 will be a special treat for us all with Pastor Caleb Semien preaching and celebrating Bishop Hanchey’s ministry with us.  “Honoring the Anointed” will be our theme.  An offering will be received for Bishop Charles & Doris Hanchey!

+Making room in the Sanctuary!  Two services will begin on Sunday, Oct. 13th.  The times will 9:00 and 11:00.  More details will be coming next week!

+Friend’s and Family Day will be Oct. 13th on the same Sunday we begin having two service at Christ’s Church!  Plan to bring your family and friends and if possible stay for both services and bring a guest to each.  Prizes will be given for those who have guests in each service!

+ The South Mississippi Fair will be held Oct. 18-26.  Go with another family from church and be safe!

+ “Journey of a Junkie” will be featured in the fair.  It will be located near the food buildings and show the amazing journey that those who go down a path of addiction face.  Bring family & friends to visit and show your support for Dying to Live!

+Saturday, October 19th will mark the beginning of operation “Launch Out”  Just as Jesus told His disciples to Launch out into the deep and cast their nets, Christ’s Church will be launching out into our neighborhoods to share what a serving church can provide to our community.  Pastor Mylan & Donna will be leading teams to knock on doors letting people know about the ways Christ’s Church can serve them, and offering to pray with our neighbors.  Operation “Launch Out” will be on the go for 5 weeks.  Saturday, November 16th will end with food and fellowship, praise & worship, and the word being preached at an outdoor location.  Don’t miss this great fellowship and evangelism opportunity!

+Saturday, November 16th will end operation “Launch Out” with food and fellowship, praise & worship, and the word being preached at an outdoor location.  12:00 will start food and fellowship!  We will be cooking sausage, and hotdogs for guests and providing drinks.  Members, bring your lawnchairs and any food you like.  Singing will begin at 1:00 and ministry of the word at 2:00.  Location will be added soon.  Don’t miss this great fellowship and evangelism opportunity!

+ Kiwanis Pancake Day is Saturday, Dec. 7th at the YWCO and First Baptist Church, Laurel.

+December 31st New Year’s Eve Celebration will be held in the Sanctuary at Christ’s Church.  Times will be added soon!

+ The Laurel Little Theatre presents “Driving Miss Daisy” Feb. 13-16, 2014 at the Arabian Theatre in downtown Laurel. Call 601-428-0140 for reservations the week of the show.

*New additions to the “Up-coming Events” section of Saturday Shout Out are listed in bold so that you may notice the latest inclusions. Events are listed by request and must be submitted to [email protected] at least two weeks before the date of the event. Some events may not be deemed appropriate for inclusion.


+ Central Sunbelt Federal Credit Union is looking to fill a position for an Assistant Branch Manager. If you are interested email Nic Mathews at [email protected] .

+ I’ve noticed several job postings in our local media recently, but I’m sure there are others I haven’t seen. Contact the local WIN Job Center or the company if you’re interested.

-        Saul Engineering, 601-425-3512

-        Acme Truck Lines, 601-649-8271

-        Tanner Construction, 601-477-2967

-        Jefferson Medical Associates, fax to 601-649-9479 or       

 email [email protected]

-        Wayne Farms, www.waynefarms.com

-        Southern Hens, 601-584-4735

-        South Central Regional Medical Center, www.scrmc.com

-        Howard Industries, [email protected] or


-        Whitestone Transportation, 601-450-7710, ext. 7021

-        Wade Services, applications taken at 500 Eastview Drive,

  Laurel on certain days

 + GE Aviation Ellisville will be accepting applications for the next round of Production Associate hiring. The application will be available on October 8th, 2013 at 8:00 a.m.Central Time. The application will not be available before this date and time. Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply online. To apply online, please use this link (https://geaviation.selectrakonline.com/recruitment/recruit.aspx). To apply in person, please visit your local WIN Job Center (hours vary by location) and bring photo identification. If you applied in November 2012, you are not eligible for this application since you must wait 1 year from your last application to re-apply.

Ramblings – Personal & Otherwise

Ms. Sirlene and I are really looking forward to the Pastor’s Appreciation Ball and the Toast and Roast.  My tux and bowtie is on the way and Ms. Sirlene has picked her dress out!  Quite apart from showing honor for Bishop & 1st Lady, there is something special about a man and woman putting on the ritz.  Every woman has the core question of “Am I beautiful?  Does anyone delight in me?”  Having Balls for Valentines and Pastor’s Appreciation gives Christ’s Church families the chance to be romantic, to plan an enchanting evening for couples to have fun and treat each other in a special way!  I always think my wife is beautiful, but I think with everyday life there is a lot of times she does not always feel that way.  I’m looking forward to reminding her at this ball how beautiful she truly is to me and that is very important in every marriage relationship.  Make sure you make your mate feel special for this special occasion and others that will come during the Holidays.  It will add joy to your days and your marriage.  I would encourage everyone to come to the ball feeling, and looking your best, ready to have fun!  Life is too busy not to break out sometimes!  Hope to see you there!


Pastor Jason & Sirlene Capers

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