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180 Student Ministries

The name "180 Student Ministries" comes from the need for a change of direction in the current generation of young people today.  Bullying, drugs, casual sex, and the poverty mentality is destroying our youth. Jesus Christ gives young people the reason to change their direction and the power to answer the challenges we are facing today.

180 reaches young people ranging from middle school to college through radical prayer, evangelism, and discipleship.

The vision of 180 is focused on our schools and our communities.  Our plan is to start 180 Student Ministry Clubs in all of the schools in Laurel and Jones County. As student-based service clubs, we hope to work with and support teachers and administrators to mold our generation for the future.

Our mission is to reach all of the young people of our area with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to see them delivered at the Cross and discipled into their God-given destinies.